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The Tribe That Rarely Sleep

The Piraha are an indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. They are the sole surviving subgroup of the Mura people. The tribe’s total population is 800-900, living mainly on the banks of Maici and Manicore Rivers, with Piraha being the native language.

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They live in simple truths, it is sure that they are the happiest people on earth since the community does not know about wealth or envy, missionaries have never been in their land, hence they lack a religion.

The people do not sleep, rather take napes of 15 minutes to at the most two hours throughout the day and night. They do this to avoid snakes that are a common sight in the region. They believe that sleep is harmful because it weakens a person and is a form of death. Once asleep you may wake up as a different person.

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The Piraha are supremely gifted in all the ways necessary to ensure their continued survival in the jungle, they know the usefulness and location of all important plants in their area. Additionally, they understand the behavior of local animals and how to hunt them effectively.

They can walk into the jungle naked, with no tools or weapons and walk out days later with baskets full of fruit and small game animals.

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