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The Crying House In Ibadan

Strange things are happening in the world around us many would say it’s end time some would say it’s the devil at work and it’s not a new thing.

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There has been talks about lots of mystery around the world, from multiple ghost sightings to child holding the scripture(s) at birth and all.

The latest which was discovered according to crowd24ng reporter is a house where cries is being heard at night.

The house is situated at Gbaremu area in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

It was reported that strange voices of human cryings are being heard in the building at midnight.

There has been lots of rumors surrounding genesis the house.

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Some people said, the owner who is now late did money rituals while some said the land was snatched.

This strange occurrence has always made tenant who wish to purchase the property to flee and run for their dear life, after staying for about a month or two in the building.

See pictures below:

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