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The Airplane That Landed With 92 Skeleton After 35 Years of Take Off

On the morning of September 4th, 1954. Flight 513 of Santiago Airlines is a domestic flight. A commercial plane took off from an airport in Aachen, West Germany, hours ago, but it never arrived at its destination; instead, it disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, leaving no trace. Authorities claimed it had crashed away from all traffic and that the wreckage had sunk into the inhospitable deep ocean chasms as a result of the collision.

Santiago Airlines ceased operations in 1956, and little was known about flight 513 or the 92 people on board until 35 years later. On October 12, 1989, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The commercial aircraft landed after all those years, and not only did it reappear, but it also landed at a conventional airport. But what about the passengers, the crew members, and the most troubling thing of all? Employees at Porto Alegre Airport were taken aback by the unexpected arrival of an aircraft that had been reported missing and had failed to respond to a radio signal. They were astounded by what they saw inside the plane.

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There was no one inside the plane, at least no one alive; the 92 men were all dead, skeletons that had been dead for years. As they arrived at the cabin, they discovered the body of Media Victor Curries, the plane’s pilot, who was still at the controls; everything suggests that the skeleton is a dead body who managed to land a small but not particularly small plane.

The government agent didn’t want to investigate the theory, or even bring it up if they had one at all, of how the plane managed to remain in the air for 35 years with little fuel, no living people onboard, and no radar to find it. They tried to hide the facts on purpose. Despite this, the case attracted the attention of a number of specialist scientists, including the renowned Doctor Celso Otello, as well as paranormal investigators. All of the experts agreed that Flight 513 had entered some kind of temporal bubbles from which it emerged in 1989, implying that it had traveled through time. As unlikely as the tale might seem, such experts argue that there is no other plausible explanation that the officials are aware of something they are concealing from us. Nonetheless, such an explanation would not explain how a skeleton managed to land an airplane while still alive.

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And, with this information being kept secret by the government, former professor Rodrigo de Mauna claims that keeping it secret is a crime for a variety of reasons. The first is that crew members and passenger families must learn what happened to their loved ones, and the second is that such an unusual occurrence must be known by all on the planet because it implies that the world does not function as we believe it does, and that it will have important implications for science. Policy organizations are thought to have operated in secrecy, and no one has yet discovered whether or not they were successful. Cases like this serve as a reminder that we only learn a fraction of how the world functions. Nonetheless, according to flight history critique 513, it is nothing more than an urban legend.

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