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Igi nla The Mysterious Tree – No human being can survive approaching it ordinarily

It’s also called Asorin in Yoruba language. It’s bark and root are widely used in the preparation of potent charms. it’s gotten by approaching the tree from a distance, while a live rooster is thrown at it after series of incantation.

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No human being can survive approaching it ordinarily.

It’s leaves never touches the ground..cobwebs are woven around it’s top where all dead leaves drop. No grass or living things grow under it or within its radius. If any bird touches it, it dies instantly. So also other living things. That’s why no other plant is seen around it.

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No one dare approach it beyond a certain distance. It talks. And when its help is spiritually sought, it sends an emissary in the form of its fig to accompany the petitioner. This is accompanied by a loud clap of thunderous sound.

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